Crashed your Quadcopter? Yea, we fix those. We also repair all types of drones and radio controlled craft, including boats, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, cars, trucks, and robots. Multicoptertec can also help you with upgrades, modifications, and maintenance for all your “toys”. Brands we service include, but are not limited to, DJI (Phantom, Inspire, & Mavic), Parrot, Yuneec, 3DR, Husban, Syma, Ominus, and GoPro.  Rumors abound that we may see products in the not to distant future from Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Multicoptertec is located in the Tampa Bay area in (mostly) sunny Florida, and we provide local and nationwide service.

Multicoptertec also provides drone aerial photography (stills and video) for real estate sales, property and object inspections, events, and other commercial ventures, by FAA Certified UAV pilots.



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