Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my service take?

A: Most services are completed within a few days. If parts need to be ordered, that will impact the turnaround time. We maintain a spreadsheet with details of your service, and provide regular status updates.


Q: Do you repair other things than what is listed on the website?

A: Maybe. Please fill out the Service Request Form, and we will evaluate your request. Note that we do not repair mobile phones, flat screen TVs, toasters, etc.


Q: Can I supply my own parts for a given service?

A: Absolutely. We earn our money from labor, and do not markup the cost on parts we buy.


Q: Do you do board level repairs?

A: Yes, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, to troubleshoot some circuits without a schematic. We do repair broken circuit boards when possible, and can replace basic components, fix broken solder connections, cables, etc.


Q: What is your labor rate?

A: Our labor rate is currently $85 per hour, but we do allow for fractional rates.


Q: What if you cannot complete my service?

A: We will return your items at our expense, and refund your service charge.


Q: How should I ship my items for repair or other service?

A: That is up to you, but please pack everything securely, and consider shipping insurance. We will use the same shipping materials to return your items. Please include any controllers, non standard batteries, and manuals with your shipment.


Q: What is your warranty policy:

A: We warranty what we service for 30 days from the date we ship your item(s). Due to the nature of the types of things we service, we cannot be held responsible if you go out and crash your Drone, Boat, Car, Copter, etc., after we service it. We will however, be happy to repair it again.


Q: Do you allow for reciprocal links to our business, club, blog, etc?

A: Yes, as long as you link back to us.


Q: Do you buy broken drones or other RC craft?

A: Maybe. Send us an email describing what you are offering.


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